I'm Anita, a wedding photographer based out of Ottawa, Ontario

I live in the wonderful neighbourhood of Hintonburg with my fiance Josh and cat George Michael.  I work on location using natural light and take a journalistic/candid approach to my work.

I don’t do much without a camera in my hand.  I love telling stories, describing the world as I see it through photographs.  Light.  People.  Settings.  Colours.  Emotions.  Nature.  I want to observe and share it all.
To me, visuals are a tangible thing.  Something you should be able to capture and own, to look at and revisit whenever you’d like.  I want to help you see your life as I see it, because your world is beautiful.

I love travelling, music and everything to do with nature.  I love TV marathons, beer, the summer and cats.  I have red hair and what some might consider to be a lot of tattoos.  Want to know more random stuff about me?

If I sound like the photographer for you then drop me a line and let’s chat!  I’d love to have the opportunity to share your life through my lens.


 Instagram / Facebook

Available For
Wedding Photography
Portrait Photography
Engagement Photography
Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 5D Mark II
24mm 1.4
35mm 1.4
50mm 1.4
135mm 2.0
Petzval (graciously on loan)
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop

Are you on Instagram?  Me too, let's be friends!  Follow me @anitapeeples.

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